Glazzio Tiles Design Ideas

Glazzio Tiles are known for using glass and other materials in beautiful mosaic tile mixes.  This a very popular tile company due to the unique look of the glass tiles mixed with the different textures and colors in mosaic patterns. Glazzio tiles are versatile and can be used on a whole area, such as shower or kitchen wall. These glass mosiac tiles are also perfect as an accent tile and can be mixed with other tile brands as well.   Scroll down to get information and examples of Glazzio Tiles designs in custom kitchen and bathrooms.

Glazzio tiles make achieving a coastal kitchen design easy.  A bright and tranquil design is created in this kitchen with shades of blue and green glass in the mosaic tiles. Light grey kitchen cabinets compliment the colors in the mosaic tiles.  This kitchen backsplash idea is perfect for a beach or coastal kitchen style. I have this in my own kitchen and the glass tiles mimic the ocean, because the hues of each tile change with the natural light.

Glazzio Tiles: Shower Surround:

This Glazzio tile series is the same design from the kitchen above,  but it is now shown in a shower.  The repeat of this Glazzio design is to show that the versatility of this tile mosaic pattern . The tile colors and textures could be used in many different rooms.

Glazzio Tiles: Diamond Tile Backsplash

This kitchen has grey cabinets paired with a diamond shaped Glazzio tile. The mosaic tile backsplash has  a mix of blue, gray, and brown glass textures to help offset the neutral cabinets. This kitchen shows that the right mix of mosaic tiles can add the wow factor to any basic space.

Glazzio Tiles: Shower Niche

This shower design shows how using small sections Glazzio tile can also create a custom finished look.  This shower has a glass mosaic tile pattern,used as an accent tile between basic white tiles. The mosaic pattern is found in the shower niche and a line across the top of the shower.  This  type of design can help you save money while adding a custom feel to any room.  Purchase small amounts of mosaic designs, like Glazzio tiles and mix them with lower cost basic tiles to bring down the price on custom bathroom or kitchen designs.

Glazzio Tile: Mosaic Diamond Tile Wall

This Glazzio tile pattern shows the same tile used in the kitchen and shower earlier, but with an unexpected twist.  This wall shows that a focal point is created with a diamond pattern in the mosaic tile design.  The design shows how the same Glazzio tiles can be used to create a range of custom looks and patterns. 

Glazzio Tile: Shower accent tiles

This coastal bathroom uses large sand color ceramic tiles mixed with mosaic tiles by Glazzio.  Using a smaller amount of colored tiles gives this shower a custom minimalist look that mimics a spa setting. The reduced amount of mosaic tile accents adds just the right amount of color to this tranquil bathroom design.

Whether you love the mosiac look or just want a small update, Glazzio tiles can help you create a beautiful space with their glass tiles mixes.

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