Grey Kitchen Cabinets: Design Ideas

White kitchens have been all the rage for quite some time but we have now seen a shift with people mixing in different shades of grey kitchen cabinets. Similar to white, the gray cabinets work well with almost all color schemes and definitely compliment the popular colors found in a kitchen.  Another reason that grey cabinets are a popular choice, is  because they tend to show less dirt or wear than white cabinets.

We have rounded up some beautiful designs that use gray kitchen cabinets to create kitchen in different styles such as farmhouse, modern, coastal, urban, and traditional.  Check back for more grey and white kitchen inspiration to come.


This kitchen uses the grey cabinets with a modern style. The kitchen has a clean minimalist look. The island, counter tops, and backsplash have gray lines that play off the kitchen cabinets for a beautiful and modern look. Furthermore, the lack of hardware on the cabinets gives a minimalist feel to the overall kitchen style.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Gray Urban Cabinets


This kitchen has a mix of different materials that work together to make an industrial farmhouse style. The wood finished counter top mixed in with the gray cabinets and white subway tiles gives this kitchen a unique look. The darker hardware on the gray cabinets is a nice contrast to the white surfaces.  The different shades of gray in this design help to make this kitchen stand out.

Industrial Kitchen with Custom Gray Cabinets

The gray cabinets in this kitchen work well with the gray tones found in the other areas of the kitchen. The grey can be seen clearly in the floor and waterfall island. One of the most prominent parts of the kitchen are the gray cabinet doors that have custom inlays. The dramatic look has doors that go from the floor all the way to the ceiling. The mix of designs on the faces of the gray cabinets really adds extra interest to this kitchen space. 

Traditional Kitchen with Gold hardware on Gray Cabinets

This traditional kitchen has a mix of colors that match the light gray cabinets. The gray, blue, white,  color scheme is paired with gold hardware and fixtures. The gray cabinets give the traditional kitchen a unique  look. The cabinets with the custom glass and vintage decorative inlays set this traditional grey kitchen apart.

Coastal Kitchen with Mixed White and Gray Cabinets


This coastal kitchen mixes the white and gray cabinets  for a two-tone look. The nickel pulls and lighting fixture compliment the gray tones in the cabinet. The granite used in the kitchen also has both of the grey and white cabinet colors to tie the look together. This kitchen definitely makes the most of blending these two color schemes.

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