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Thank you for visiting our home on the web. We look forward to becoming the website that you turn to for inspiration for your home remodel, styling or design projects.

I am an instructional designer that married a licensed contractor. His company focuses on custom home building and remodeling in Florida. When we met however, I had no idea that my professional life would be impacted as much as my personal life.  I believe this is because he has given me the opportunity to witness the transformation of so many homes. It is amazing to watch a new design transform the entire feel of a room. After years of sharing advice with friends, family, and clients,  we knew it was time to “build a home” on the web so we can share these designs and experiences with everyone.

The custom home building industry introduced me to a whole new world of design options. will give everyone an opportunity to benefit from these design experiences.  Our goal is to share ideas in all the main areas of the home improvement from the design to styling finishes.

Interior Fixes will share inspiring designs for kitchens, baths, and every other room in your house. The articles and posts focus on information that will inspire you and help you improve your own home. We hope that you will join us on this journey and take advantage of all that we have to offer. You won’t want to miss our upcoming free home improvement challenges. Each challenge and is designed to help you reclaim the beauty and function of a room in your home.

Over 9000 customers have used our designs or services over the past decade. We are excited to get to share them online and help you too. Please add your email below to join us and get full access to our designs and challenges.

Join over 9255 customers and let us share our inspiration, fixes, and ideas to help you improve every part of your home

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